Kitchen cabinet renovation

“No matter where I serve my guests, they seem to like my kitchen best.”

As corny as the saying is, the sentiment remains true. The point is that whether prepping, cooking, entertaining or cleaning, the kitchen is a great spot to hang out. When entertaining, guests naturally gravitate to kitchen chairs or barstools to socialize while the host prepares the meal. Families gather in the kitchen for meal prep, homework, puzzles, lively discussions, and games. So, if you plan to embark on a remodeling project in your Southern Idaho home, consider the following suggestions for kitchen cabinet renovation.

Color StoryColorful Kitchen Cabinets

In the 1970’s earth tones like gold, almond, orange and avocado-colored appliances, bold wallpaper designs and macramé pot holders were all the rage. The 1980’s and 1990’s gave way to soft pastels, like cream with accents of mauve and teal, as well as the tropical colors . . . who can forget Miami Vice? The turn of the century introduced stainless steel and professional grade appliances along with granite countertops, and steered clear of trendy colors. So, make sure you consider color palette before embarking on kitchen cabinet renovation.

Cabinet Color

Dark wood kitchen cabinetsNo matter your preference, painted cabinetry or natural wood, the design and detailing of the cabinetry should work in harmony with the other finishes. Although budget may dictate cabinetry selection, consider what color palette you want to build from. After all, with paint, you can affordably to color your kitchen world to suit your personality and style. If you can swing it, choose natural wood which will stand the test of time.

History SurfacesButcherblock countertops

Over the years, manufacturing strides have greatly improved the form and function of inexpensive flooring and countertop surfaces such as linoleum and Formica. In fact, some are so attractive, it’s virtually impossible to detect their connection to ugly first generation iterations. If budget is a concern, opt for low cost formica rather than solid surfaces such as granite, marble or quartz. Much like the types of materials used for flooring, today’s Formica countertops come in a wide range of attractive styles and colors. They are available at a fraction of the cost of the materials they mirror, but laminate countertops chip and react to heat.

On the other hand, if the sky’s the limit, here are a few upgrade ideas:

Butcher Block for Kitchen Cabinet Renovation

Featuring a warm, timeless appeal which is ideal for chopping and food prep, this material is prone to scratches and burns. Nevertheless, since it is 100% natural, it is easy to repair. Sand and apply mineral oil, and they are good as new.

Concrete countertopsConcrete

No longer relegated to a dull gray appearance, today’s concrete countertops can be ground, polished or stained, and even embedded with embellishments such as seashells or other decorative objects.

Kitchen Cabinet Renovation Using Eco-Friendly CountertopsEco Friendly Countertops

Combining materials such as fly ash or recycled paper, composite countertops inhibit the growth of bacteria and resist stains, scratches and heat. Most are free of VOCs, do not emit radon gasses, and are food safe. These countertops are attractive but can be expensive and sometimes require sealing as well as special maintenance.

Engineered Stone

Engineered countertopsComposed of hard materials, such as quartz particles, manufactured surface is gaining popularity, with good reason. Quartz countertops are attractive, scratch-, stain- and heat-resistant, and low maintenance. They also come in a variety of colors, from subtle and natural to bright and bold. That makes them the ideal choice for modern kitchen renovations or new kitchen construction.

Granite Granite countertops in renovation

Even though mansion owners are gravitating toward more expensive options such as marble, in most American kitchens, granite isn’t going anywhere. And that’s great news for anyone who loves a durable solid surface that is heat-resistant and perfect for meal preparation. Granite is virtually indestructible, attractive, and remains relatively low maintenance, if sealed on an annual basis to keep stains and bacteria at bay.


soapstone countersElegant and expensive, this surface is durable and improves with age. Naturally resistant to stains and discolorations, this surface does not require sealing. Stains can be removed with a gentle sanding and scratches are easy to remove with mineral oil. So, this makes a great option for kitchen cabinet renovation.

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