Faucet, fitting and tool on grey title background. Home repair concept.The nice thing about fixtures is that they can be both affordable and relatively easy to install in the process of a kitchen remodel. So, if you’re intimidated by the prospect of taking on a larger project like cabinet or countertop replacement, start off conservatively by swapping out your fixtures. In this blog post, we provide ideas for home renovation novices and experts, alike. If you want to improve the appearance of your home, keep reading, as we focus on kitchen renovations relative to fixtures. 

Let there be LightKitchen Fixtures

Bright overhead fluorescent spotlights that sacrificed form for function, kitchen lighting used to be a necessary evil. But today’s kitchen lighting trends are creative enough to steal the show. Think shades made from utensils, pots and pans, colanders, and attractive Edison bulbs instead of long, unsightly tubes. Another key to good lighting is layering it at different heights. And don’t forget about wattage. Mixing and matching bulbs with different watts will create a warm, inviting atmosphere instead of reminding guests of a high school science lab. And don’t forget about under cabinet lighting and sky lights, both of which can pack a punch.

Faucet Fascination

Filling up a glass with clean drinking water from kitchen faucetA few examples of available faucet fixtures popular today include brass, chrome, copper, gold-plated, matte finish, oil-rubbed metals, pewter, satin sheen or shiny stainless steel, etc. With so many finishes and styles from which to choose, how will you know which direction to go? If you’re looking for Old World style, you might want to use antiqued hardware that features elegant curves and a dark finish. If your tastes are more modern, you could consider touchless or single-handled, streamlined, stainless or platinum faucets.

Get a Handle on Itkitchen door handles cabinet furniture interior style steel shiny

As showcased in the current HGTV Dream Home, knobs, pulls and handles come in all shapes and sizes in 2022. Have you ever considered installing chic dark bronze custom draw pulls or green leather cabinet handles? Pinterest unveils potential options as endless as your imagination: rope, cast iron, ceramic pieces, skeleton keys, reclaimed wood, stone, gemstones, cork, spoons, industrial bobbins, beads…to list a few. The choice between kitchen cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls and handles may seem unimportant, but knobs and handles have different features that can alter the overall look of your kitchen.

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