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It would be impossible to overstate the importance that kitchen appliances play in the overall look, functionality, and value of the American kitchen. Once just seen as necessary tools, they now add much in the way of design and functionality.

Appliance Color

In much the same way that avocado green, burnt orange and harvest gold were trendy appliance colors circa 1970, the 1980’s was all about white. Thereafter, the 1990’s and early 2000’s inspired a love of stainless steel; in fact, almost every kitchen remodel during this period featured granite countertops and stainless-steel appliances. Time marches on, and so do remodeling ideas – so what is on the horizon? While we continue to use stainless steel in many of our kitchen remodels, some industry trailblazers are pointing to “new way to do white.” In fact, an article in HGTV magazine calls the trend, White, Reimagined.

Stainless Steel AppliancesHand trucks with household and kitchen appliances in warehouse. Delivery concept, 3D rendering

A People Home & Travel writer, Megan Stein, reported in January 2017 that, where kitchen redesign is concerned, stainless is here to stay:

Appliance in Pastel

Set of home retro appliances isolated on white backgroundRetro design sees kitchen appliances popping up in soft pastel colors with rounded edges, such as these which appear on Big Chill. Buying a retro appliance will set the tone for your modern kitchen, since (ironically), retro is the design trend of the day!

Appliances: Form Over Function?

A great way to set the tone for a kitchen renovation is to choose appliances that reflect your personality and the way you want to cook. No matter your preferred kitchen aesthetic, an attractive hood is a great accent playing an important but supportive role to your cooktop.

Functionality of Appliances Upscale kitchen in a modern home

Smart home technology is rapidly developing, with the kitchen at center stage. As far as appliances go, you will soon see integrated speakers with Bluetooth functionality, color-changing lights, and integrated charging sockets. Smart Home appliances will not only look attractive but will make the most of available technology to improve kitchen efficiency. One of the most popular are smart refrigerators, which include smartphone mirroring, smart TV playback, memos, calendars, and internet radio, and as a bonus, the Smart Fridge also chills food.

The best thing about kitchen design as it relates to appliances is that they are the easiest DIY project ever, since they do not require anything other than hauling to the site and plugging in! If you take pride in your home, don’t forget another easy home improvement project – window cleaning!

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