a man puts a plastic windowYour home’s windows offer much more than just a view of the great outdoors. They play an important role in energy efficiency. However, they provide this service only while functioning correctly. Among the most common of all window problems are broken window seals. And, unfortunately, since they lead to moisture trapped between panes, they make clean windows nearly impossible to achieve. When it comes to broken seals, here is everything you need to know.Broken Window Seals Idaho

Why are Window Seals Important?

Manufacturers have significantly improved window technology over the years. The reason for this is because people want innovative ways to boost their home’s energy efficiency while simultaneously improving appearance. Today’s windows routinely come in double or triple panes which contain a seal around the perimeter— ensuring an air-tight seal.

Manufacturers fill each pane of glass with gasses such as argon, to provide insulation. The window seal locks in the gas, effectively blocking outside air and keeping hot and cold People working in window factorytemperatures from entering the structure. This allows the home to maintain warmer temps in the winter and cooler temps in the summer.

Why Do Window Seals Fail?Epic Fail Window Seals

Window seals break time for numerous reasons. Understanding how breakage occurs is the first step toward prevention.

  1. Manufacturer Defect
    Sometimes window seals fail within the first couple of years of installation, usually due to manufacturing or installation errors. For example, the maker could have used tainted sealant. Or they may fail to allow sufficient time for the sealant to properly cure.
  2. Punctured Seals
    Although rare, the shipper or installer could puncture the seal. This could be owed to inexperience or an honest mistake. Make sure you choose reputable window installers with experience and know-how.
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  3. Weather-Related Reasons
    Most commonly, window seals break due to weather elements. For instance, windows that incur heavy amounts of sunlight run a higher risk of failing window seals. At other times, homeowners opt for windows which are unsuitable for the climate, causing them to fail relatively fast. Therefore, many midwestern home builders skip aluminum or wood windows. Wood easily warps and rots from prolonged expansion caused by moisture, while aluminum simply doesn’t perform well in extreme weather.Extreme Weather
  4. Unattended Condensation
    Failing to notice window condensation can also lead to broken window seals. When you see condensation, wipe it away immediately to prevent mold growth and damage to seals.

How to Detect Broken Seals

Knowing what to watch for and how to respond helps eliminate the risk of broken seals. Look for these common signs of broken window seals:

  • Foggy windowpanes
  • Glass that’s cold to the touch in the winter months
  • Moisture between the panes of glass
  • Water in the corners of the glass panes near the window’s bottom edge
  • Windows that allow outside air inside

Foggy Window PaneBroken seals can be extremely hard to locate when windows are dirty. Hence, if you believe your windows have compromised seals, call in professionals like Elliot Window Cleaning for a routine service. If we notice that your window seals are broken, we’ll let you know. And we can make recommendations of reputable contractors who can address the problem. At the end of the day, the easiest way to extend the life of your windows is to clean them regularly to prevent the buildup of moisture and other debris. If you live in the Meridian, Idaho, area, call today! We are a family-owned company with more than 30 years of experience, so you can rest assured knowing that we have window cleaning down to a science!

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