Removing hard water stains and deposits in bathroom. Stains drops on glass shower doors. Cleaning bathroom concept.Did you know that hard water stains are one of the most common defects found on home windows? In fact, nothing is tougher on your windows than this substance. One of the biggest challenges a homeowner can face (window-wise) is finding safe and effective ways to remove hard water stains without scratching or damaging their glass. The truth is this is a topic that’s often overlooked. So today, we’re discussing everything you need to know about hard water stains on window surfaces.

What are Hard Water Stains?

Hard water stains on window surfaces are visible as small white spots that suddenly appear and are not easily removed by cleaning the surface. These stains are generally caused by calcium carbonate that’s dissolved in groundwater, which is present in nearly 85 percent of households in the US. Thus, as the water containing high levels of calcium carbonate evaporates, the calcium is left behind, causing the white spots.

Why are Hard Water Stains Bad for Glass?Woman in a blue glove cleans a shower cabin from limestone

Hard water stains are unappealing and can also manipulate your glass and cause damage over time. Generally, the longer these stains are left sitting on your windows, the harder they are to remove. And when they are left too long, they begin to “etch” your glass, which usually means you must undergo costly repairs or replace your windows.

That said, here are the top reasons your windows should be cleaned regularly to prevent hard water stains:


Hard water stainsBelieve it or not, glass is porous. So, grit and particles can enter and eventually cause scratches or cracks. When this process is allowed to continue, your home’s windows will eventually become structurally damaged and require a total replacement.

Energy EfficiencyIce forming on the inside glass of a drafty window in winter

If you’re shocked at the cost of your energy bill following extreme temperatures, it may be time to clean your windows. Hard water and other stains can prevent sunlight from entering your structure, which may seem unimportant at first, but over time, you’re missing out on free warmth and natural light.

Health Hazards

Dirty window close lookWhen left, mineral and dirt buildup can transform into mold, and when this happens, you have a real health hazard to solve. Long-term mold exposure can lead to lung problems and other risks for people of all ages.

Better First ImpressionWooden front door of a house with lockbox and curb appeal. There are two potted plants and doormat at the front of the door with white wreath near the railings against the plants and trees outside.

Curb appeal is more than a well-manicured lawn and shiny siding; it also includes your windows. Dirty windows covered in hard water stains or cracks reflect a dirty image, which negates every other effort you’ve made to improve your home’s appearance. Clear, clean windows reflect a house that’s taken care of, which guests and neighbors will appreciate.

Better Outdoor Views

As we mentioned, dirty windows block out natural sunlight. And even when small amounts of light do enter, they are cast through a scattered and dingy filter. Houses feel fresher when the light pours in, and you get a better view of the outdoors.view of ornamental garden with well through window in country house in summer twilight

If your windows are covered in hard water stains, you shouldn’t let them stay that way for long. Give us a call today and let us help you devise a plan to make your windows look and work like new again!

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