Close view of a distinctly dirty window glass showing grime, streaks and spots. Outside it is cold and it has snowedNow that the Treasure Valley has welcomed the first snowfall of the season, you may wonder if you missed the window of opportunity to clean up. (Pun, intended 😉 No matter the season, windows let in warm sunlight. In fact, sun is even more important during the cold months since it keeps homes warm and cozy and brightens the home. However, since rain and snow can cause streaks and smears on windows, follow a few simple steps when washing them to avoid window streaks. (Or, better yet, call Elliott Window Cleaning and we’ll take care of them for you! And no—it isn’t too late!)

Avoid Window Streaks and Smears in Cold WeatherA tropical monsoon rain in Singapore viewed through a window streaked with water, as a woman and young girl walk outside carrying matching white umbrellas, their movement blurred.

If you opt to clean windows yourself, make sure you use the right products. Consider using ammonia as it quickly dries. However, be forewarned that it evaporates quickly, so you’ll need to act fast to prevent window streaks. If you are not sure about the safety of a window cleaning product, check the label to see if it says “non-fogging.”

When you finish cleaning windows, wipe them off with a lint-free cloth or squeegee rather than paper towels or newspaper (which will leave fibers). Also, since water left on glass can turn cloudy when frozen and then melt when warm again, do not spray water on a window and then wipe it off—this will cause window streaks!

The Importance of Clean Windows During Cold Winter Months

Festive Christmas lantern, gifts and angel on a wooden window sill in winter indoors. Christmas decoration, scandinavian styleWindows are the eyes to the outside world. They connect us with nature. And in turn, nature lightens our moods during darker winter months. Windows let in light, which elevates mood and energy levels. It also helps regulate hormone production by providing seasonal cues that affect our circadian rhythms (sleep-wake cycle). Even when it is too dark to see outside during most of the day in winter, this does not mean you cannot take advantage of natural lighting through windows.

The sun melts snow quickly because it heats window and surrounding surfaces. Wind also speeds up melting by blowing away moisture that accumulates on surfaces. Both sunshine and wind can help you save energy in winter by speeding the rate at which ice melts from house gutters or driveways

Choose Detergent Carefully so it Won’t Freeze and Damage Glass or Cause Window StreaksAmmonia – Medicine/health. Computer in the office with term on the screen. Science/healthcare

You can wash windows in cold weather, but you’ll need to avoid a few slip-ups. The most important rule is to use a window cleaning product that does not contain ammonia. Ammonia solutions can cause window streaks and smears because they dry too quickly. Instead, choose products that are made specifically for winter use or natural cleaners like vinegar, which is both an excellent disinfectant (useful when cleaning up after animals) and completely non-toxic (which makes it safe to use around pets).

  • If you use a milder detergent, clean it off right away. Otherwise, the water will freeze into large droplets and cause streaks and smears.
  • If you’re using an extremely powerful detergent to clean windows and/or snow removal products, be mindful that chemicals leave window streaks or smears on the glass.
  • Keep water off window frames to avoid paint damage and/or wood rot.
  • Resist the urge to use sprays to clean windows (with anything). These often leave window streaks and marks.
  • Some glass cleaners make windows slippery, which is a problem when temperatures are below freezing, and snow is on the ground.
  • If you opt to use a window cleaner, make sure it does not contain harmful chemicals.

Lonely women standing and looking at lovely snowfall through big closed glass window and thinking about things. Conceptual Christmas or New Year Holiday women silhouette background.If you want to watch snowfall from clean windows this year and if you live in or around the Meridian, Idaho area, give Elliott Window Cleaning a call. We would love to help bring the sunshine in even in the winter months!

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