Thanksgiving Decor WindowsIt’s time to decorate for the holidays. And an important part of that is to show off your beautiful windows. Clean windows offer optimal exterior visibility. So, if you want to show off your holiday decorations on the outside of your home, it’s important to clean your windows. The first step is to use a good quality cleaning solution and soft cloth or paper towel for each window. To clean your windows indoors and out, consider these professional tips:

Tips for Holiday Window Cleaning

  • Daytime is the Right TimeRealistic sun icon for weather design. Sunshine symbol happy orange isolated sun illustration.

    Daylight is the best time to clean your windows because it’s easier to see what you’re doing, and any streaks can be easily seen. If you must clean at night or early in the morning, make sure that you turn on as many lights as possible so that they can act as a guide when cleaning. Also, avoid cleaning your windows on a rainy day or at night. Doing so produces streaks and a hazy appearance which shows up in the light of day.

  • Quality Counts

    Quality cleaning productsGet out those good quality cleaning products! You know what they say–you get what you pay for! When purchasing window cleaners (or any other type of product), shop around until you find one that works for your needs and matches up with your budget. The more expensive window cleaners usually contain less water than cheaper brands and are thus more effective at removing dirt from glass surfaces without leaving streaks behind them afterwards too!

  • Quickness CountsTimer Quick Time

    Do not leave your cleaning solution on the glass for more than a few minutes. If you must wait, wash, and dry one window at a time. This will allow you to clean as many windows as possible in a short period of time and prevent streaking from developing in the solution that has been left on the glass.

Chamois the Way

Tools for cleaning windows isolated over white backgroundRemove excess water from edges with a lint-free cloth or chamois. A soft, clean cloth or paper towel works well for this purpose. DO NOT use newspaper to shine windows since it will leave behind ink and smudges that can be hard to remove.

Dry water that Remains on the Sashes and FrameModern double pvc sash on light inside wall backdrop. Freehand outline black ink hand drawn picture emblem sketchy in retro art scribble etch cartoon style pen on paper. Front view with space for text

  • Dry any water that remains on the sashes and frame. Use a lint-free cloth or chamois (if needed) to remove excess moisture from the edges of your window frames.
  • Use newspaper to shine windows if necessary. To make your windows even shinier, use newspaper like this one to shine them up! Just rub it over the glass, then wipe with a clean rag.

If you follow these tips, your windows will be clean and ready for holiday decorating! But, if you live in the Treasure Valley, consider hiring us to do the job. We would love to help prepare your home for the holiday season!

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