A variety of decorative pumpkins and flowers by the window.Do you want to make your home sparkle this holiday season? If you said yes, begin holiday decorating by cleaning your windows! Place tranquil candles inside your windows or hang live wreaths on the outside. Begin with a good window washing. Truthfully, windows frame the focal point of the house during the holiday seasons. So, start holiday decorating with clean windows inside and out. 

And with all this added attention that your home’s windows will receive this holiday season, you’ll create the best impression if they are free of dirt and streaks. Your clean windows will sparkle bright, allowing more natural sunlight to flow inside your home. Not to mention, your other holiday lights and Christmas tree will look their brightest when viewed by visitors and passersby.Autumn home decoration. Family decorating house with colorful maple leaves banner. Thanksgiving or Halloween celebration in white living room. Child with fall leaf. Creative crafts ideas with foliage.

Though having clean windows brings about a great feeling of personal satisfaction, most homeowners find it easiest to maintain their inside windows. Depending on the height and landscaping below the windows, outdoor ones can be hard to access for most people. For this reason, rather than spending your time and risking your safety, it’s always best to call a professional like Elliot Window Cleaning to handle the task for you. Doing so gives you the freedom to handle other essential tasks and not have to worry about getting injured before the holidays.

Here’s Why You Should Leave Window Cleaning to the Professionals for Holiday Decorating

Happy little kids in matching red and green striped pajamas decorate Christmas tree in beautiful living room with traditional fire place. Children opening presents on Xmas eve. View though window.Supplies and Equipment

Cleaning exterior windows requires that you have specialized equipment such as hoses, poles, ladders, cleaning solutions, and squeegees. Not only can these supplies get costly, but you’ll have to find a place to store them for the future.

Holiday Decorating Knowledge and ExpertiseMerry Christmas and Happy Holidays! A beautiful decorated for Christmas window. Winter forest from the window of the house.

Window washing professionals are expertly trained to safely clean your windows so that the finished product is cleaner than when you do the job yourself. The reason for this is that they have special chemicals and equipment to clean the stubborn dirt and debris from your windows. For example, Elliot Window Washing pros have been in the business for more than 30 years, so our process is streamlined and perfected. We’ll leave your windows impeccably clean in an efficient timeline, so you can get back to what matters most.


Hannukkah WindowAs we mentioned, cleaning your exterior windows isn’t necessarily the issue; it’s accessing them that causes the biggest problem. This is especially true if you live in a multi-story home with second or third-floor windows. For those who are untrained, it can be dangerous to climb on a ladder and clean at the same time. Reputable window cleaning experts have the equipment to ensure the job is done quickly and safely.

Want Clean Windows for Holiday Decorating?Window Christmas Scene

If you live in the Treasure Valley and want to know how much it would cost to professionally clean your windows before the holidays, give us a call at Elliot Window Cleaning, and we’ll be happy to provide you with a free estimate.

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