Housekeeping and house cleaning productsWhat’s the Difference Between Housekeeping & House Cleaning & Window Cleaning? Does Hiring a Pro Matter?

If you decide to hire a housekeeping service to clean your house, you may assume that window washing is part of the job. Think again. Often, this is not the case. And even if it is, you may be wise to consider hiring one person to clean the interior of your house and another to do the windows. Here are a few reasons:

Housekeeping and House Cleaning Professional Housekeeper

Housekeeping and house cleaning are terms that are used interchangeably by some. Housekeepers are professionals who specialize in thorough cleaning of the home. The common denominator between all the different services is that they all clean your home. But there’s a difference between what a deep clean might entail and what it means when you tell someone you want them to “clean” your house.

Pro Housekeepers and Housecleaners

Pro Window Cleaners and Housekeepers

Window Washing and Professional Window Cleaning

Window washing and professional window cleaning are terms that are used interchangeably by some. Some people use the terms professional window washing and professional window cleaning interchangeably, while others use them to describe two completely different jobs.

This confusion is caused by the fact that housekeeping and housecleaning have similar meanings. But housekeeping refers only to what happens inside a home or building, while housecleaning includes both indoor and outdoor work. For example, if you hire someone to clean your windows inside your office building once a week on Fridays and they do it outside on Mondays as well as inside each day during the week, you can call their service either professional window cleaning or housekeeping services because it involves all three areas of focus: internal (indoor), external (outdoor) and between-the-two (interior/exterior).

Housekeeping May Not include Professional Window Cleaning  

Window cleaning servicesIf you hire a maid to clean your home, they may offer to clean your windows. However, this is more often the exception than the rule. After all, the saying, “I don’t do windows” stems from the housekeeping industry. Nevertheless, if your housekeeper offers, know that they will not have access to the same types of professional equipment and solutions available to professional window washers such as Elliott Window Cleaning. Professional window cleaning is a niche skill set that requires specialized education, knowledge, training, and experience.

Professional Window Cleaning includes:Man's  hand with rag wipes dust from the windowsill.

  • Preparation of surfaces prior to any type of cleaning agent being applied. This includes using proper tools such as squeegees, brushes, etc., to remove any loose dirt, dust, or debris from surfaces before applying any cleaner or coating onto said surface(s).
  • Applying appropriate types of cleaners/coats (both wetting agents as well as drying agents) depending on type of glass [residential vs commercial] along with its condition [clean vs dirty].
  • Professional identification of issues related to window seals and leaks. Don’t rely on house cleaners to notice issues which could compromise the safety of your home.
  • Screen cleaning
  • Track clearing

Rickety Ladder Right EquipmentProfessional Window Cleaners Use Safe Access Methods

A quality professional window cleaner uses safe access methods, instead of unsteady ladders. This is how we can provide a higher quality product in a fraction of the time. While this may seem obvious, it’s important to note that many home cleaning companies use ladders to access windows. This is dangerous for both the people inside and outside the building. If you are leaning over to clean windows at 50 feet up off the ground, you could fall! Also, if you fail to use the proper access for high glass surfaces, you won’t get the same results as if you had employed the right tools.

Window cleaners are trained professionals who know how to properly use these tools so that they are safe and efficient while doing their jobs. This protects you, the homeowner!

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