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Clean Windows Beautify Your Home

One of the first thing guests notice as they approach your home are your windows. So, keeping them clean can make a good impression. Clear, clean windows not only increase curb appeal, but they also attract the attention of potential home buyers. Clean windows show that you care about your home and pay attention to every detail of home maintenance.

Clear Windows Improve Mental Health

Clean windows also beautify the interior of your home by letting the beauty of the outdoors in. On the contrary, dirty windows dull the glow of natural sunlight streaming through, making your home seem dark and dim. Clear windows also change the tone and color of the light that clear windows provide. Sunlight emitting through windows brighten and cheers your home. This not only beautifies your house but also improves mood. This is true not only in summer, when the weather is warm but also in the winter, when shorter days sometimes bring Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is caused by lack of sunlight. Natural sunlight is a great mood enhancer.

Washed Windows Let the Sunshine In

Dirty windows dull your view of the outside world. When a professional washes your windows, you benefit by enjoying the vibrant colors of the outside world. Think of everything you’re missing if dirty windows are obstructing your view! 

Keeping Your Windows Clean Can Save You Time and Money

Clean windows are more likely to stay clean. The reason for this is because dirt acts as a magnet, attracting more dirt. When your windows are dirty, they go from bad to worse in little to no time. What’s more, if you let them go too long, when you finally get around to cleaning your windows, the job may end up being far more time intensive than it would otherwise be. 

Clean Windows Save Money

Most newer windows are made of low emissivity glass, which reduces the amount of harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays that comes through. Low-E windows keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, providing they work properly. And they only work properly when they are clean. So, ultimately, dirty windows cost you money!

Doing More Harm Than Good

You may think that hosing down your windows may suffice to clean them. On the contrary, doing this may cause more harm than good. Most water contains calcium, which can etch windows, making them appear cloudy. What’s more, the hard water in Idaho is cloudy and difficult to remove. If you hire a qualified professional to wash your windows, they can inspect the glass, screens, and clean tracks, to be able to catch small problems before they morph into big and expensive issues.

Elliott Window Cleaning: Window Cleaning Experts in Meridian and Eagle Idaho

If you live in Meridian, Eagle, or anywhere in the Treasure Valley of Idaho, Elliott Window Cleaning is at your service. We provide all your window washing needs, for residential or commercial property. We do all the work by hand, using a combination of traditional hand tools and state-of-the-art purified water-fed pole systems. We ensure that the job is done to perfection. We also remove, clean, and (if necessary) replace your screens as well as cleaning out tracks. With Elliott Window Cleaning on your side, your windows will remain beautiful for years to come. Call (208) 600-3154 or email us today to schedule professional window washing service.

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