Window Cleaning

Regular window cleaning will help your windows last much longer.

At Elliott Window Cleaning, we clean residential as well as commercial windows.

Residential Window Cleaning

We’ve all heard the expression, “I don’t do windows!” Window cleaning seems to have the reputation of a dreaded chore that most folks would rather put off or avoid altogether. Gathering the right equipment, climbing ladders and attempting to clean your home windows to a streak-free shine can be a daunting task. Why not leave it to the professionals at Elliott Window Cleaning to take care of this chore for you?

We’re a family-owned company with over 30 years of experience. During this time, we’ve systemized and perfected the window washing process. We have it down to a fine science so that we can provide you with an elite experience in a quick and efficient timeframe, so you can go on about your day’s to-do list, or just relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy your sparkling clean views to the outdoors.


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Commercial Window Cleaning

We clean residential as well as commercial windows. We can set your business up for regular route work weekly or monthly, so you are always giving a great first impression to your customers.


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Why is it important to clean my windows?

Window cleaning has numerous advantages when it comes to home maintenance. Window cleaning through late fall and winter will remove pollutants and contaminants, allowing more natural light to pour into your home, which in turn means a lower heating bill.

The dirt, dust and grime that builds up on your interior panes of glass not only looks dull, but also allows allergens to build up that come in contact with your skin and are breathed in through the respiratory system. Regular professional cleaning ensures these particles do not have a chance to build up, leaving you and your family healthier and happier. Another health benefit that comes from clean windows is exposing your skin to vitamin D via natural sunlight pouring into your home. Sitting by a clean window for 20 minutes a day can help you soak up that much needed vitamin through the winter months when there are fewer daylight hours.

Regular window cleaning will help your windows last much longer. Over time, contaminants like hard water, oxidation and acid weaken glass and cause breakdown. Thorough cleaning removes the contaminants and helps to maintain the quality of your windows.

What process does Elliott Window Cleaning use?

Elliott Window Cleaning uses two main methods in our window cleaning process: Traditional window cleaning by hand and use of a water-fed pole system. There are advantages to both processes, and we are always happy to accommodate customer preference.

Traditional window cleaning is carried out by using a T-bar with a sleeve soaked in our environmentally safe/kid & pet friendly window cleaning products. We then scrub each pane of glass carefully, checking for spots and organic material that may need extra scrubbing. In addition, we will often use a walnut scrubber, which does an excellent job of creating a sparkling result without scratching the glass. Once thoroughly scrubbed, we carefully squeegee the glass with professional-grade squeegees, checking to be sure there are no streaks left behind. We finish out the window by using surgical towels to dry the edges of the frame. This process is repeated on each pane of glass in your home or business.

Water-fed pole window cleaning utilizes water that is run through a triple filtration system. So the water that is cleaning your windows has less than 1 part per million. Water-fed poles are great options for cleaning tall exterior windows. The pure water flows through a brush at the end of the pole. After scrubbing with the brush, the glass is thoroughly rinsed with pure water. Our water-fed pole system can reach windows up to 6 stories!! This keeps our technicians safe on the ground. Since no cleaning solution is needed with this technique, windows will often stay cleaner longer, as there is nothing for dirt to stick to when it comes in contact with the glass. We are always happy to discuss which method will work best for your needs and provide you with pros and cons to help you make the best decision.

Whether we are doing traditional window cleaning or water-fed pole cleaning, we always remove screens and brush them down. Machine washing of screens is available for an additional charge.

Interior window cleaning is performed with the same careful attention to detail that we use for exterior cleaning, but with extra precautions to protect the interior of your home or business. We use shoe coverings to protect your floors, and we are careful to dry any water that drips as we clean. Our standard interior window cleaning includes wiping down sills and tracks. For heavily soiled tracks that require a deep clean and are labor intensive, we do charge extra; this is always discussed with the customer and agreed upon before performing this service.


  • SAFETY – Our technicians are trained to safely climb ladders and use proper fall precautions – No need to take risks by climbing ladders around your home to clean the windows
  • EQUIPMENT – We have spent significant time and resources to obtain the very best professional window cleaning equipment available 
  • REGULAR SCHEDULED SERVICE – We are happy to accommodate any recurring schedule – Most residential customers enjoy having their windows cleaning 2 times per year – Commercial customers usually schedule weekly or monthly cleaning
  • WINDOWS GUARANTEED CLEAN – We won’t leave until we know you are 100% satisfied with our service – We strive for excellence and 5-star service with each and every job – If you find anything amiss following your service, we will return at no charge and make it right
  • PROPERTY PROTECTION – We take precautions at each project to protect your home and belongings, including landscaping

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